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by Scott

Hi Phil, my name is Scott and I am currently living and teaching English (privately at home) in HCMC and I've been following your site for a while now and one area that I know exists but has not been addressed by you or any of the folks submitting stories is the area of fake documentation.

The world is rife with such documents these days and I was wondering if you or any of your readers had any stories to share regarding this.

Do the authorities truly check out the authenticity of the documents submitted for the work permits? I am certainly not one of these types but I know some friends of mine back in America that do either make their own or buy imitation degrees on the Internet.

Have you run across this in Vietnam and if so are they still successful in gaining employment or are they booted out of the country once discovered?

Thanks and best regards, Scott


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Only a matter of time before someone brought up fake degrees.

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Yes, they are every where and Yes, I know of teachers that have bought copies of Fake Degrees from both Koh San Road in Bangkok and others who paid more than $500USD for a top 'Degree Mill' Document (Comes with 5 free reference checks!).

Initially, the onus falls upon the school to verify your documents. The truth is that most high-volume private schools are more concerned with how happy you make their students than if your degree is real.

Hence, they never verify your documents. Even if they did, you would have to be a pretty bad teacher for them to fire you over it.

I must have worked with 10-12 different companies in varying capacity. Private business, Universities ... blah, blah. None every checked my Uni Degree. I got my TEFL checked twice but never my Uni Undergrad Degree.

Oh, except for RMIT. I think they even checked my blood type and confirmed if I had ever wet my bed. What an excellent place to work at, though.

If you are properly educated with experience then RMIT is the cream.
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The Universities and top Private Schools will verify your documents before they even call you for an interview. The high volume private schools usually will ask you about it but won't verify or even ask to see your undergraduate degree.

That is where you need to decide whether to come clean or not. I know people that lied on their resumes to get the interview but came clean during the interview. Some schools said sorry but I know of at least 2 that are working for schools that know darn well that their employees don't have a degree. Both have Good TEFL Certificates, though.

If you don't have a degree then consider doing an 0ap2000000251308 louis videos st nfl www rams Http rams com anWBcqOU or at least consider doing a The Website Always Jakarta M com thejakartapost Bold Post w8qzCt.

Every little bit will sway employers. Especially if you have had any kind of experience teaching before. If you once dated a Chinese Girl, change the story a little. You once volunteered to acclimatize Chinese immigrants and taught them basic English skills.

For those without an Undergraduate Degree, the TEFL will be your most valuable document by far. Especially if you did a recognized course and doubly so if you got some in-class experience with it.

People without degrees are working everywhere. They don't dare apply for Work Permits, Though. That is the point where the government becomes involved in the verification of your documents.

You don't want that if you are without proper qualifications. Therefore, that is also the time when many teachers move on to new schools or countries.

Schools want to keep teachers that the students like and will do everything they can to protect you even if you have no degree. Just remember that the school may also use that against you if things ever go sour.

Bottom line. If you don't have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited school then you had better get a TEFL and do your best to be outgoing and entertaining to the students.

There will always be schools looking to hire teachers that conduct classes that students ask about and want to attend.

But teachers with no qualifications at all and no professional pride are on the run in Vietnam.

It's still pretty easy to get a job, though. Especially if you can make the girls swoon and convince the boys that English is fun.


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Jul 20, 2017
Teaching in Japan
by: Anonymous Anonymous

Very late to this discussion.

Have you heard of anyone ever using a fake degree and or transcripts to land a teaching position in Japan with a public school?



I just spent a month in Japan. Most of my friends are there teaching. All of them have legitimate degrees.

The Japanese will check every detail of your degree while processing your work permit. You may get away with a fake degree in Cambodia. Vietnam and even Thailand, but never in Japan.

They will bounce you out of there like no tomorrow, and you will never come back from it. You will lose all respect in a country built on respect.

I do know 1 guy with no degree, but he is well known for his honesty. Impeccable Japanese language skills and a hard worker. Yet he was honest with his qualifications, knows many people and works his butt off answering phones.

They do have special skills work permits, but the Japanese keep out anyone who fakes any qualifications.

Don't do it. You may have a chance if you can prove solid skills, but you would need to fly there and build connections first.
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Jul 09, 2017
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Fake Teaching Degrees
by: Philip

Sure. It is true that supplying fake degrees to teachers (Especially from Canada, USA, England, Australia, NZ) is a growing trend in the hiring practices at Language schools in Vietnam.

But they OWN you once you put your signature to the copy of your fake degree destined for the Ministry of Labour.

They will use their knowledge that it is a fake degree to chain you to a buffalo.

But Never inform the school. If you're going to fake credentials then do it in total secrecy or just go ahead and turn yourself in. Save time.

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Jun 08, 2017
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accredited vs legal
by: Anonymous

Really late to this thread but hopefully someone is looking, I heard of cases where guys went to a school and got degrees from the school even though the schools are legitimate businesses and have fancy website are not accredited by any body, so the documents look amazing and when you contact the schools they can provide transcripts and verify attendance by an individual etc. How would this affect the hire/fire principles in Vietnam?

Jul 11, 2015
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Buying a degree inThailand?
by: Anonymous

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has actually bought one of these Degrees and is presently using one?

You won't hear from anyone. Sure, there are a few that I know but they will not be advertising the fact. Best you are hones and tell the schools.

People can easily get work without a degree but if caught with a fake one then then the consequences could ruin you.
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Oct 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

Your advice is EXTREMELY appreciated! thanks

Oct 05, 2012
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Fake Degree to RMIT
by: Kev

Hi. I have just been called back for a job at RMIT in HCM, I have many years teaching experience in both Hanoi and Da nang and a Tesol. However my degree (a Bachelors of science in graphic design from a small obscure Institute in New York) is fake.

It's a good fake that would fool someone not well versed in spotting a counterfeit (although the seal is not raised).

I'm really hoping to work at RMIT and my questions are: Will they check the degree? if so how? If they do find out my degree is fake will they give the degree back(i hope so!)or will they take me to the town square and have me doused with nuoc mam and set afire?



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This one is easy. I have a friend who works at RMIT and is responsible for checking all submitted resumes for authenticity. You have zero chance of getting into RMIT with a fake degree. They always contact the school from where the degree has been granted and check the alumni records.

They do this after the personal selections are done and interviews have been finished. The authentity check is done at the very last stage of the selection process.

1. First they filter down to the best resumes.
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2. Interview and choose the best candidate.

3. Check the authenticity of the degree and TEFL qualification.

They will not have any further contact with you after they have discovered the falsity of your documentation. That means that you won't hear back from them. You'll most likely have to canvass them to get your fake degree back. They will put you on a list for future reference (Not a good list to be on) and that will be all.

Do yourself a favor and withdraw now. Most schools in HCMC will not verify your degree but RMIT is not one of them. Tell them that you have changed your mind and would like your documents returned. Do that before they verify them. You won't get doused with nuoc mam and set afire but they may just report you to immigration. I personally know 2 people who lost their visas over this.

Word spreads quickly in Vietnam.
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