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Random Fake Data Name Registration -
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Random Fake Data Name Registration -

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What are the biggest tracker networks and what can I do about them?

When you visit a website, you are of course observable by the site itself, but you are also observable by third-party trackers that the site embeds in its code. You might be sur...

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Random Fake Data Name Registration -

If you are wondering how to make a fake ID at home, then look no further. This article will help you with the basics of how you can create your new fake ID at home.

In recent years the process of ID forgery has become quite simple. So simple in fact that anyone willing can do it at home with just little or no assistance. All you need is Internet access, money and free time.

First of all, you should decide which way to choose: an easy or a complicated one. Let us note that the easiest option would be simply to buy one!

Random Fake Data Name Registration - Option 1

In the first case all you have to do is:

look for a suitable template on the Internet (there are dozens of links where you can get templates for any state to your liking)

download it

edit it in Photoshop

print it

laminate it

That's it. Your new ID is ready.

Now lets elaborate on this a little more:

You'll need to choose a template for your new card. Some states have identification cards that are easier to reproduce than others. Some state's IDs look like credit cards. While others use laminated cards. That's why it is best to try and make a card for a state that still uses laminated copies. Plus they are the easiest to reproduce.

Luckily, to get a template, you'll just need to spend some time looking online until you find the perfect ID to replicate. Once you find one, you'll need to use Photoshop or a program like it to change the information and picture. Some folks recommend you only change the picture but for the sake of keeping things consistent we suggest changing all the relevant information. You never know when a bouncer will question you with the facts on your fake ID. Not being able to answer would be a dead giveaway you're faking it.

Make sure that when you are changing the information to make a fake ID card, that you use a font similar to what was on the card to begin with. Now is not the time to get creative. If you are not sure which font to use, and you are changing everything then I suggest using Arial or Helvetica font. These fonts are plain and will not grab attention.

Once you've printed and laminated your card at home, it is time to go out and test how it works. If it didn't pass the test, then try again after you've made another one. That's how easy it is to learn how to make a fake ID at home.

Option 2

In the second case you'll have to make a template yourself which means spending much time in Photoshop, trying, remaking, deleting, trying again till you finally get what you want. The result in this case is two faced. You'll have great experience of working in Photoshop on the one hand and a high quality fake ID templates on the other. To make this task easier look through the Photoshop user's guide. There are also websites providing information on how to use different Photoshop elements.

Whatever you choose, mind that the photo you are going to embed into the future fake ID should be a high quality one. You should also try the Internet for websites that practice generating Fake IDs numbers.

Don't forget that any ID is double-sided. So you should make the back side too. For this you may add a black bar on the white background and type some information about the restrictions and other information they usually put there.

Now that you've finished all editing procedures you should print your template. Before printing a fair copy print a draft variant on white paper to see if your template looks all right and is of the necessary size. If you are satisfied with it, you will need special high quality photo paper or Teslin (a fake ID made of Teslin looks like the real one made of PVC). To make your fake ID look like a real one you should laminate it. A 10 millimeters thick laminating pouch will be just fine. You can also choose among glossy or matte laminating pouches or those that come with magnetic strips.

And one more thing here: if you are going to take making fake IDs professionally, you should purchase a good laminator.

One more way of making a fake ID is to consult someone who is a professional in this field. Remember, you are not the first and more so not the only one asking how to make a fake ID. There are so many people looking for an answer! What you should realize is that even if you find an existing and perfect fake ID template, you still have to learn basic Photoshop skills. Otherwise, you'll not be able to alter that template and insert all the necessary information in short time. It might take from weeks to months or even years depending on your learning abilities. Who knows, maybe by that time you won't even need it.

Still, if you have free time and nothing else to do, why not give it a try? But if you are in a hurry and need a high quality product, save yourself a hassle - order your perfect ID at KingOfFakes! With such a sensitive matter, knowing where and how to get a fake ID is a big advantage.

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