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Bangkok Khao San Road

Love it or hate it, Bangkok’s Khao San Road is a vortex of budget travelers, people preying on budget travelers, parties, and meetups.

Perhaps the backpacker ghetto of the world, Khao San Road in Bangkok is busy. The famous street is also the cheapest place to stay, so many travelers end up their eventually as they enter or exit Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia.

The correct pronunciation for Bangkok’s Khao San Road is: “Cow San Road.” Many incorrectly say “Koh San Road,” however, “koh” means island in Thai and this is wrong!

What to Expect at Bangkok Khao San Road

The infamous haven for backpackers and budget travelers is the first stop for many in Bangkok, and some never leave. The noise, non-stop party, and very cheap prices will either make you want to run away or set up camp and stay for a while.

You can find everything on Bangkok’s Khao San road from great shopping bargains to the darkest sleaze on offer. Only on Khao San Road can you buy a fake ID card (or press badge), get dreadlocks, eat some deep-fried insects, and listen to a local band rock out Sweet Child of Mine in Thai.

This corner of Bangkok can be a circus and it never sleeps — nor do most of the people that stay in guesthouses here!

Khao San Road Tips

If this is your first trip to Bangkok, here are some Khao San road tips:

You may hate Khao San Road at first, but it eventually grows on you like a fungus — seriously. Have fun, take it for what it is, then get out of town!

If you want to be near Khao San Road, but away from the epicenter, check out Soi Rambutri, just one block around the corner from Khao San Road. You will find plenty of street food, places to stay, and still be a 5 minute walk away from the action.

Get used to constant attention and harassment from tuk-tuk drivers, touts, and people selling things. Give a firm, polite “no” without losing your cool. The scams in Thailand are out of control around Khao San Road.

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